Annual impacts of plastic production from fossil oil

Conventional plastic production process
Over 90% of plastics is produced from virgin fossil raw material. It represents 6% of global oil consumption – equivalent to the global aviation sector. Current projections indicate that plastic will account for 20% of total oil consumption and 15% of the global annual carbon budget by 2050.
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Crude oil exploration
Product manufacturing
Amount of plastic produced:
367,000,000 t
The future estimates for global plastic production volumes are drawn from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation report “The New Plastics Economy”
Amount of fossil oil used:
321,125,000,000 l
The calculation is based on the average oil consumption for producing 1 kg of PET, drawn from a publicly available study and calculated from the minimum and maximum values.
Value of fossil oil used:
222,161,949,686 €
The calculation is based on the price for crude oil in June 2022.
Impact calculator
Explore the annual impacts of conventional plastic production based on growth projections.
Global plastic production
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Average CO2 emissions
from plastic production
1,064,300,000 t CO₂e
from plastic incineration
The yearly emissions from plastic incineration are calculated based on the global incineration rate of 24% of all plastic waste (OECD, 2018).
237,816,000 t CO₂e